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Smiling World Ministries is a Non-Governmental organization in Uganda founded in February 2013 by Mrs. Lilian Kather. The organization is still in Uganda with Headquarters in Kampala but it has a dream of moving to other different Nations of the World. It is registered under the Non- Governmental Organization Act, Cap.113 of the Republic of Uganda and the Certificate of registration and Incorporation number is 10556. Its aim is to give support to the disadvantaged people by equipping them with skills and knowledge of making and having products of their hands which can help them defeat poverty.

Our Mission:

To provide, attain and improve the standards of living of the people of Uganda and other parts of the World through equipping them with skills and support of the disadvantaged women, widows, Elderly people, with special support of orphaned children, by providing food, shelter, education, health care, and other family life values so that everyone will become a responsible person and productive citizen.

Our Vision:

Transformation through knowledge and skills, for improved standards of living in a world without poverty and too much suffering.

Our Challenges:

For the time we have been in operation and the few districts in Uganda, we have realized that 96% of the widows and Elderly people are really suffering, they need serious immediate attention which sometimes the organization cannot offer immediately due to insufficient funds. Also things like transportation of voluntary workers (Trainers) to the people who need help are still hard.