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We came to realize that so many Elderly people in many African countries are suffering because all most all Governments are not catering for them. They do not have any program put to cater for Elderly people yet, they are another category of people which needs serious medical care and support because they do not have energy to produce enough food which can run them for long period and yet many of them agriculture is their main source of income which needs energy to have something produced.

Many of them lost all their children through HIV Aids scourge and they are left with orphans whom they cannot really give enough support.
So, under this program, we give medical support and food staffs to them every month and we take off the load of orphans left to them.
We also have a program which is targeting offering full care of Elderly people from our ‘Home of Elderly people’.

We started this program with the aim of helping those Elderly people who do not have any helper (Childless and those who lost all their children and do not have grandchildren).